Total Technic is committed to providing our customers with long term cost savings on the repair and overhaul of aircraft components. Our dedication to quality, value and unmatched turn around times make us the obvious choice for your fleet's mission critical components.

What we promise

·         Competitive, guaranteed repair turnaround times
·         Fixed exchange fee based on Fair Market Value
·         Fixed repair mark-ups available
·         All components come with competitive warranties

Aircraft Types under our capability:

A310, A320 family, A330, A340
B737 CL & NG, B757, B767
Embraer 175/195
CRJ series

1)    Avionic Shop

- Galley equipment: coffee makers, water heaters, boilers, ovens.
- VOR / ILS / Marker Beacon Receiver
- VHF Communication Transceiver
- HF Transceiver, HF Antenna Coupler
- All types of communication (VHF, HF), Navigation (VOR, ILS, ADF, ATC) and Audio Control Panels.
- Emergency Locator Transmitters: Total Technic Ltd. has become an authorized Programming, Reprogramming, Battery Replacement and Maintenence Center. We provide full support for ELT’s manufactured by ARTEX, Kannad, ELTA and Tech-Test.
2)    Hydraulic/Brake Units Shop

Hydraulic Component Test Stand H205 from Avtron Aerospace which is used in our hydraulic repairs is designed to provide functional testing for actuators of all shapes and sizes, PTU’s, valves, brakes, hydraulic fuses, filters, accumulators , proof testing, and cycling.
3)    Oxygen Shop

Capabilities cover Oxygen Pressure Gauges, Flow Indicators, Cylinders, Valves.
We also provide Hydrostatic testing services for oxygen cylinders.
4)    IDG, CSD and Generators Shop

Total Technic is operating IDG, CSD and Generator test bench Model K838AT-500, which is perfect for the mid-sized and larger MRO.  With this equipment we are able to repair all types of Airbus and Boeing aircrafts’ IDG, CSD, Generators. The low HP rating is ideal for testing corporate jets and commuter aircraft. Higher HP ratings support wide body aircraft including the latest 787, A350 and A380 designs.