Total Technic is an approved specialized aircraft decommissioning and recovery company that delivers professional services to the global aerospace and aviation industries. Our client base ranges from major airlines to multinational banks, parts companies and airports. We have extensive experience of all commercial aircraft types including corporate and light aircraft.

We have over 10 years extensive experience of dealing and operating with major airports all over the world, and operate in strict accordance with the relevant authorities governing the disposal of aircraft and their associated hazardous materials. With signi?cant experience in this field we can provide a fully comprehensive and cost effective service, with a reduced risk whilst giving you accountability of your aircraft and parts by providing full administration and tracking from start to finish.

Total Technic also became a member of AFRA to improve the service of aircraft recycling and become a first member for East Europe and Middle East. Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) is a recognized industry association that has been featured in various leading publications regarding our goals and progress to improve sustainability within commercial aircraft industry. With specific attention to safe and environmentally responsible management of world’s aging aircraft fleet.